15+HIGH - Underway


Campus Partners led a master planning process to acquire 9 acres along the High Street corridor bordered by 17th Avenue on the north and 14th Avenue on the south, to guide the future development in creating a distinct sense of place that is visually connected to the University District and Ohio State.  An Urban Framework document was developed and is being guided by a vision based on the five objectives listed below:

  • Promote a vibrant, mixed use environment within a multi-block district centered at 15th Avenue and High Street.

  • Create a new community gathering space at 15th Avenue and High Street to serve as the physical and visual link between the University District east of High Street and the entry to the University’s Campus west of High Street.

  • Prioritize pedestrians by designing all streets to be walkable, comfortable and safe environments that allow for street level activity and vibrancy.

  • Reconnect neighborhood streets to High Street, and, where possible, convert to two-way traffic to allow for easy vehicular access and wayfinding.

  • Address parking requirements and reduce traffic circulating on neighborhood streets seeking on-street parking by providing a new garage strategically located to serve the new development and existing neighborhood needs. 

Campus Partners' Work is Focused in the University District

Located in Columbus, Ohio, the University District is one of the most cosmopolitan and diverse communities in central Ohio. Just two miles north of downtown Columbus, the area is made up of the neighborhoods that surround The Ohio State University.  It is the center for education and culture, science and medicine, and sports and recreation, in Columbus. This dynamic international community brings together students, families, business owners, artists and professionals in neighborhoods enriched by a variety of housing, historic structures and natural features. Check out this video to learn more. 

Gateway - Completed 2005


A major project that Campus Partners built is the Gateway, which was completed in 2005 and includes 225,000 square feet of retail, 188 apartments, 88,000 square feet of office space and a 1,200 space parking garage. Check out their website at heygateway.com to find out more about all the exciting events going on in the area! 

Weinland Park - Ongoing

For more than 10 years, Campus Partners has been actively involved in the revitalization of the Weinland Park neighborhood. The goal for Campus Partners in Weinland Park is to preserve and improve low-income housing, while promoting economic diversity and neighborhood stability. The foundation of the work was the stabilization of the subsidized housing in the neighborhood through the acquisition of the Broad Street Portfolio, a collection of project-based section 8 units. In 2006, the community, Campus Partners and the City of Columbus came together to develop the Weinland Park Neighborhood Plan. The work that began as a result of that plan brought in many other partners which are now collectively known as the Weinland Park Collaborative. That group is working towards transformative projects in the areas of housing and land use, education, employment and workforce development, resident engagement, health, public safety, and youth engagement.