In 2013, Campus Partners created the Urban Framework plan to study and highlight its commitment to make improvements to the 15th & High District. From this study, the master plan for 15th & High was created.


This project creates a once-in-a-generation
opportunity to Establish a connection
between the University and the Neighborhood.

Project Goals

PROMOTE a vibrant environment within a multi-block district centered at 15th Avenue and High Street.

CREATE a new community gathering space at 15th Avenue and High Street to serve as the link between the University District east of High Street and the entry to the University's Campus west of High Street.

PRIORITIZE pedestrians by designing all streets to be walkable, comfortable and safe environments that allow for street-level activity and vibrancy.

RECONNECT neighborhood streets to High Street and convert to two-way traffic to allow for easy vehicular access and wayfinding where possible.

ADDRESS parking requirements and reduce traffic circulating on neighborhood streets with on-street parking by providing a new garage. It is strategically located to serve the new development and existing neighborhood needs.


University square

A new public square is created by realigning 15th Avenue on a direct axis with The Oval. This square will represent the intersection of Town and Gown where the University's Front Entrance meets the city.


Pearl Alley

Pearl Alley will be transformed into a vibrant, safe, urban pedestrian alley. By reclaiming bricks and salvaging materials from old buildings, Campus Partners aims to create a home for new dynamic ventures.



WOSU’s new home will be located in the 15+HIGH site on the corner of Pearl Alley and 14th Avenue. Learn about WOSU Public Media.


Building A&B

Architectural elements east of High Street will complement the construction at Ohio State, adding spaces for restaurants, bars and retail stores in the vibrant new neighborhood.

For information on leasing commercial spaces in the 15+HIGH project please contact Scott Fox with Steiner and Associates,

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